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Thanks, Rep. Gunther

State Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont, recently announced he will not run again for his District 23A seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. It’s strange to consider that Gunther will no longer represent the area, as he has done so for 25 years. He will be missed.

Gunther took care of constituents and worked diligently to make sure the area was treated fairly by the state. He also stuck to his conservative principles, and earned the respect of everyone, including political opponents. Now he deserves to relax. We wish him the best.

A great place to live

We have noticed that many people who are originally from Fairmont wish to return. This is evident at places like Fairmont Area Schools, where numerous people on staff are city natives. It is also evident in the return of Dayton Asmus, a police officer who had a goal to work for the local police department. Now he is doing so.

Some people who live in the Fairmont area are simply way too down about it. There are good people and good opportunities here, and a positive attitude goes a long way. We appreciate those who care about Fairmont and know what the city has to offer in terms of quality of life.

Sheriff offers warning

Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart hopes people are paying attention to ice safety this winter. Who can blame him? The winter has been weird so far. First there were arctic temperatures, and now there is almost a thaw. Open water can be seen on some lakes.

Ice thickness is essential when it comes to walking or driving on a lake, but the thickness can vary from spot to spot. And a long walk to a fishing hole may take people over thinner ice. We hope people heed the sheriff’s advice to steer clear of an avoidable tragedy.

Brightening the season

Every year, Fairmont area residents, businesses and government entities put a lot of time, planning and energy into decorating buildings, lawns, street lights and other spaces for the holiday season. Some of the light displays are quite incredible. All of us get to enjoy this creativity and hard work, and we want to extend our thanks to those who make the effort.

Winter can be cold, dark and dreary sometimes. It takes imagination and positive attitudes to transform the season into something special. But that is exactly what many, many people do. Again, thank you.


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