In 2020: Maybe focus on more positive things

The New Year’s resolutions are about to be forthcoming. For many people, these involve personal goals such as losing weight, getting in better shape or perhaps making a commitment to volunteering. All great ideas and — if the energy and will power can be sustained — all of benefit to ourselves and others.

We’re not sure that politics ever enters a person’s mind when they consider their resolutions, but we’d like to suggest that it could, or should. We live in a divided nation that is about to face a divisive impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate. President Trump is a divisive figure. But we would ask whether people really believe they are convincing anyone when they speak out harshly against or in favor of the president. Perhaps folks could all take a breath, take a step back and agree to disagree about Trump. There is, after all, an election this year when everyone will have the chance to have their say.

We think there is something else important in all this too. It is the chance to do more and be more as individuals and in our communities by setting Donald Trump aside for a while. There is a lot of wasted time and energy that goes into slamming the president, and in responding to those criticisms. None of which makes the Fairmont area a better place to live. What might be accomplished with a little less MSNBC or Fox News in our lives? Who or how could we help locally? What or who are we neglecting right now?


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