Christmas is many things; enjoy them all

People being people, some would tell you exactly what Christmas is all about and what it must mean to you. But Christmas is not just one thing; it’s many things and all of them are joyous. We hope guilt is never part of your Christmas and that you enjoy the day however you see fit, with whatever mix of friends, family, worship, gifts and good will toward mankind that you deem appropriate.

Christmas is, of course, the occasion of the birth of Christ. Hence the name. And for more than 2 billion people worldwide that is the major significance of the day. It is a day of everlasting light, in celebration of the arrival of the savior, Jesus. Local churches, their leaders and volunteers have worked diligently for weeks to prepare for the Christmas season. The light, song and message they provide are beautiful and have extraordinary meaning to many.

Christmas is also, of course, that precious time with family, exchanging gifts and seeing the faces of little ones light up on Christmas morning. It is a shared meal, and about love and gratitude for the opportunity to be together once again. It is about family traditions, and about remembering those who, now gone, were blessings of Christmases past.

Christmas would not be Christmas if it was not also about the less fortunate, as one of the greatest Christmas tales of all time, “A Christmas Carol,” reminds us. Americans, Minnesotans and those living in the Fairmont area are generous throughout the year, but we know they give extra this season. It is a blessing to live in such a benevolent society, one in which volunteers play a crucial role in organizing help for those who need it.

In the end, the most important thing for us to say is that we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas, and hope your day is blessed with love and laughter. Whatever you choose to do, may your day be merry and bright.


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