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Support our businesses

Today is Small Business Saturday in Minnesota. It is a day to back your local retailers, and other businesses, that give economic strength to our communities and employ many of us, our friends and our neighbors.

Given the holiday shopping season, now is the perfect time to visit local stores. You might not find everything you want, but giving these stores the first opportunity to help will not hurt.

What will hurt is if our small town businesses struggle. They support our towns in so many ways.

Built on weak foundation

The Fairmont City Council’s majority trio this year built its house on a foundation of sand. It has crumbled.

The State Auditor’s Office recently rejected a “forensic audit” of the city’s books. The council itself this week nixed an audit in the one area the Auditor’s Office would consider, namely of the municipal liquor store.

An investigation of city staff related to some expired criminal cases has come back. It found they did nothing wrong.

The trio’s activities also have resulted in soaring legal bills for the city.

Voters are not going to forget.

‘Sleep Out’ coming up

A group of Fairmont residents recently participated in Blandin Community Leadership training and, among other things, delved into the topic of emergency crisis housing, which is a serious problem in the area.

To help raise awareness and funds to address the issue, the first-ever “Fairmont’s Big Sleep Out” will be held overnight from Dec. 7 to Dec. 8 at Citizens Park next to City Hall. Everyone is welcome. No tents are allowed.

We hope those interested will check out the event on Facebook at: Fairmont’s Big Sleep Out.

You can make difference

The calendar flips to December on Sunday, so we would be remiss not to offer a reminder that the Christmas season is not necessarily a joy for everyone.

There are people hurting because they have lost someone this year and their Christmas will not be the same. Support them.

There are people who cannot give gifts to their children because they cannot afford them. Help them out.

There are people who do not have enough to eat. Donate to the Salvation Army and other food shelves.

You have it in your power to make a difference. Your efforts do matter.


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