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Drivers can do better

Fairmont’s school crossing guards — and crossing guards everywhere — see it all when it comes to driving, and when it comes to drivers who behave recklessly in school zones. Some of the things the guards see are difficult to believe, but we believe them.

Crossing guards have a simple message for drivers. It is: slow down, get off your cells phones, and obey posted traffic signs and warnings. Children’s lives are in the balance. As are those driver’s futures.

Glows Parade on tap

Fairmont has a wonderful holiday tradition known as the Glows Parade. It will be held downtown on Friday. It’s a special occasion, as the parade is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will arrive at the airport at 4 p.m. Friday. The parade begins at 6 p.m. downtown. All of it is meant to kick off the holiday season.

There may be a chill in the air, but the Glows events are worth a visit. We hope area residents consider stopping by.

Business is booming

Fairmont’s business community expanded this week, with the opening of a Shopko Optical Center and the new Bomgaars store. Taco Bell construction continues.

This news comes on the heels of other positive stories. CHS is investing $100 million here. Apple Tree Dental is coming to town. The new Lutz Cancer Center is open. Building permits this year have soared.

Would everyone like to see even more happen? Sure. But let’s remember to be grateful. It’s that time of year.

Keep letting them know

A resident of Ceylon this week expressed concern to the City Council about possible “reverse angle parking” downtown, as part of the Highway 263 resurfacing project slated for 2021.

We can understand the worry about whether older drivers, those who presumably represent many of Ceylon’s drivers, will adapt well to the change. But they could. People are people and can learn many things at many ages.

Reverse angle parking could work in Ceylon, or elsewhere. Residents there need to keep weighing in with their leaders.


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