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School is part of study

Fairmont Area Schools has gained another bit of interesting distinction, with the University of Minnesota making it the only outstate school involved in a study and project related to science learning.

Lucas Simpson, a 2017 graduate of Fairmont High School, is the local connection involved. The project aims to encourage parental involvement in science classrooms, and strengthen the bond among teachers, parents and students.

We thank and congratulate those involved, and hope the results are positive.

Who pays? You do

The Fairmont City Council — its majority trio, actually — continues to run up the bills as it maneuvers in various (odd) directions. It has been accruing costs with its interim city attorney, and also flirting with potential liability related to personnel decisions.

It wants the State Auditor to conduct a potentially costly audit running back nearly 20 years, even though the city is independently audited every year.

And the city is now paying the salaries of two administrators, one on paid leave and the other serving in an interim role.

Who gets the bills? Local residents.

Inquiry going nowhere

Democrats in the U.S. House this week pushed forward with their impeachment inquiry, and showed how clearly partisan their effort is to attack President Trump or remove him from office.

A vote in the House to establish rules for the investigation passed, 232-196, but without the support of a single Republican. Two Democrats defected. Republicans in the U.S. Senate are not likely to agree with the House either.

So what we all are witnessing is a massive waste of time and effort, over an issue that amounts to nothing.

Minnesota stands alone

On Friday, the state of Utah ended its association with lower-alcohol 3.2% beer. Beer sold at grocery stores, gas stations and bars will now be slightly stronger. In other words, it will be the “normal” beer sold by brewers and regularly purchased by consumers.

Prior to Utah’s decision it was the second-to-the-last state in the country to still have 3.2% sales. Guess which state holds the distinction of being the last to cling to its archaic ways? Yep. Minnesota.

It’s well past time for Minnesota to wake up and grow up. Time to get rid of 3.2% beer and to let beer, wine and alcohol be sold in stores. Adults do not need a mommy state directing their lives.


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