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Incredible opportunity

The Minnesota Supreme Court visited Fairmont this week as part of its traveling oral arguments program. The court heard an actual case in front of area students at Fairmont High School.

What a great opportunity for students and the community to see the court in action and to interact with the justices, who also took part in a community dinner this week.

We thank and congratulate local organizers and the school for the incredible job they did facilitating this event.

State should lend hand

A Minnesota House of Representatives committee toured the Martin County jail this week, learning about the facility’s shortcomings. Martin County is asking the state for $20 million in 2020 to help with construction of a new justice center.

The jail’s deficiencies have been reiterated for many years now. And the facility has even been warned and cited by the state for certain failures. The problem is real.

So is the solution. Taxpayers here give plenty of money to the state every year. It’s time the state sent some back.

Actually, plenty to do

What’s the old lament? There’s nothing for kids to do here? It was never really true, of course, for children and families with imagination, energy and positive attitudes. But there is more.

Fairmont Area Schools will offer 47 high school activities or clubs next school year, in addition to 22 sports. Amazing.

Then there is CER, summer sports and recreation opportunities, the aquatic park, the lakes, the mini golf course, the skate park, the library, etc. With all this in play, any “problem” lies with those who do not take advantage, not with what is available.

Getting out of the way

The unemployment rate in the United States dropped to 3.5% in September, the lowest it has been in 50 years. Credit goes to America’s businesses and to national policymakers for implementing measures to get the government out of their way.

The Trump administration and the previous Republican-led Congress passed major tax reform. Trump also has cut regulations. The results are impressive, and gratifying to businesses and workers seeking new opportunities.


An editorial in Friday’s edition incorrectly stated the amount of money Hunter Biden was paid by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company. Biden was paid up to $50,000 per month for serving on the company’s board of directors.


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