Et Cetera …

GOP offers insulin bill

The Republican-led Minnesota Senate has unveiled a bill to help people with diabetes get the insulin they need. Qualifying individuals must not currently be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid or MinnesotaCare. Family income must be less than 400 percent of the federal poverty line. Manufacturers of insulin would be required to provide the drug as a condition of doing business in the state.

The bill is not a complete fix. There are problems with the system, some involving insurers. But the bill is a starting point for talks with Democrats, and represents hope to diabetics.

CHS begins renovations

CHS Inc. this week moved forward with its plans to renovate its soybean processing plan in Fairmont. Its action comes in the wake of approvals from three local government entities, which agreed to a tax abatement plan for CHS.

CHS says construction will be completed by fall 2021. The value of the work is estimated at $100 million. The upgrade will increase the plant’s soybean crush and soybean oil production capacity, and improve product quality, the firm says.

Kudos to CHS and everyone involved locally for making this project possible.

Foundation a blessing

The Schmeeckle Foundation this week handed out $535,000 in grants to various local entities, with the bulk of the funds going to Apple Tree Dental, which as partnered with Mayo Clinic Health System-Fairmont to create a non-profit community dental clinic here.

Other funds will benefit area children and families in different ways.

The foundation focuses on three areas: early childhood care and education; the disabled and elderly; and promotion of the arts. It is a blessing to Martin County and a credit to its namesake, Juanita Ellen (Teubner) Schmeeckle.

Iran is a Mideast menace

Iran, which the U.S. believes carried out a recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil-processing facilities, has long been a menace in the Mideast. It sows terror and chaos via a tyrannical, irrational regime. If it is meant to represent an Islamic paradise, then such a place is a nightmare.

Fearful of Iranian nuclear ambitions, the U.S. has uses economic sanctions to target Iran. A more serious course of action may now be needed.

We do not believe all-out war is imminent or necessary, but the U.S. and its allies should respond to Iran, forcefully.