Et Cetera …

CHS plans advancing

The CHS soybean-processing facility in Fairmont is an ag-industrial business, and Fairmont is lucky to have it in its industrial park, a site intended for such facilities.

The City Council this week approved a tax abatement request by CHS, which plans a $100 million re-investment at the site. The county too seems likely to approve it. Kudos to both for their foresight.

Like elected officials, we hope the truck traffic issues at the site can be mitigated. It seems CHS has some ideas in this regard. Either way, the project should keep moving forward in coming weeks.

Ignoring legal advice

Maybe Fairmont’s City Council majority trio could just put up a sign in council chambers that reads: “No legal advice wanted.” This seems to be their attitude.

This is the group, after all, that got rid of the 30-year city attorney.

This week, the trio rejected the interim city attorney’s suggestion that the city update its data practices policy.

Later in the meeting, Councilman Tom Hawkins adamantly rejected the city attorney’s advice in regard to a specific data privacy matter.

So, we guess the strategy is if laws get in the way, put your fingers in your ears.

Campground possible

The Fairmont City Council this week heard a presentation about the possibility of creating a campground within city limits. We believe this is an idea worth pursuing.

Fairmont has many amenities campers would enjoy, perhaps most notably the lakes.

Tourism data show that a local campground could bring hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community, when campers spend money on local dining and entertainment. That sounds like a winning concept.

Health warning issued

Vaping and e-cigarette use are ways to deliver nicotine into the body without the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. But the Minnesota Department of Health, and federal health authorities, are warning of the potential dangers, including lung illness.

The local Martin County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is getting involved. It works to educate youth and parents about the hazards of marijuana, alcohol and drug abuse. Teen vaping is a new concern.

We hope teens and parents are taking the issue seriously. More info for parents can be found at www.panmn.org