Et Cetera …

Move ahead, get it done

Martin County commissioners this week held an important discussion about a possible tax abatement for CHS Inc., which would like to invest $100 million in its Fairmont plant. We understand the county must conduct due diligence, but we are shocked by the negativity that has arisen related to this proposal.

A constant hot topic in the area is economic development and job opportunities. And yet now, with this chance at hand, there is too much talk of obstacles and too many concerns about “cost.” Fairmont officials rightly point out that we want traffic on our roads (not the opposite) and that the project could end up saving jobs. Other officials need to get on board. Soon.

Bomgaars coming here

Speaking of economic development, Fairmont received more good news this week when it was announced that a Bomgaars store will open in the former Shopko building.

Those who have visited a Bomgaars have seen the wide variety of products across 13 major departments that the store offers. It will be a welcome addition to Fairmont’s retail mix.

There is not yet an opening date for the store, but a job fair will be held Sept. 4-5 at the Holiday Inn. We encourage those interested to check it out.

Scout tackling problem

There are people who like to create problems, it seems, and then there are those who like to complain about those people. But how many people are willing to try to solve the problem? Brittney Lopau is one such person.

The Girl Scout hopes to earn her Silver Award with a project that will help keep Fairmont’s parks clean. The Park Board this week unanimously accepted her plan to install dog cleanup stations at various parks in the city. Lopau will raise the funds to add bags, receptacles and signs to help people clean up doggy doo. Kudos to her.

Trump blunt, correct

President Trump is not an eloquent persuader. So when he bluntly says that Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal to Israel, it raises hackles. But it does not change the essential fact that many Democrats seem too friendly to the Palestinian cause or, to put it another way, to the anti-Israeli cause. Trump’s opinion is shared by many, if not expressed in quite the same way.

The weirdest reaction has been that Trump is somehow anti-Semitic for making these remarks. Really? Israel has never had a better ally in the Oval Office than President Trump. Ever.