Et Cetera …

Will it do any good?

Feeling compelled to “do something” about deadly gun violence in America, Congress now seems poised to approve expanded background check legislation. Purportedly this will prohibit more people with certain backgrounds — criminals, the insane — from buying guns. At least openly.

The actual effectiveness of the plan sparks skepticism. And it raises questions about denying law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment right to acquire firearms. The “expanded” part of the new background checks feeds those worries.

Congress will probably act to make itself feel better. Typical and pointless.

Police deserve thanks

The Fairmont Police Department extended an invitation to the community this week to come enjoy a “National Night Out” at Gomsrud Park. The family-friendly event offered a fishing opportunity for elementary students, as well as a chance for children to meet Titus the K9, and see a squad car and fire truck up close.

Let us return the favor and extend our thanks to the police department for all it does, seen and unseen, in the community. The department is led by caring professionals who truly protect and serve us all. Kudos to the force.

Time to win the war

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue was in Minnesota this week, speaking at Farmfest near Redwood Falls and at a forum in Mankato. He offered encouragement to farmers, saying they will regain markets lost in the U.S. trade war with China.

U.S. farm goods are the best in the world and Perdue’s words contain a truth. Yet farmers are worried about the loss of the Chinese market. We, like them, hope that the Trump administration does everything it can to prevail in its standoff China. The quicker the better for our area farms.

Time for a fresh hoax

The Russia collusion hoax aimed at President Trump finally died, to be replaced by the new “white supremacy” hoax that Democrats hope will stick. It’s ironic that a political party obsessed with race should level such accusations. Or perhaps it makes perfect sense. When you cannot win arguments, call people “racists” and walk away.

No one has talked about or cared about “white supremacy” for decades. Because everyone knows that white supremacists are in tiny fringe groups without any power. Some may lash out now and then. And get arrested for their crimes. But seeing any major “movement” is just paranoia.