CHS makes incredible commitment to area

It almost seems like a mistake. The number is so large. And if it’s not a mistake, it’s just difficult to believe it’s true. But it is. CHS Inc. plans to spend $100 million at its soybean-processing plant in Fairmont. That is an astonishing investment.

According to information released Monday, CHS will undertake major renovations and new construction at the plant to improve safety, operating efficiency and operating capacity. Five new buildings/storage bins will be built. Two existing structures will be modified.

When the work is complete — estimated in late 2021 — the plant will be able to crush more soybeans and process the beans into more meal that is sold to area livestock producers.

Martin County, the city of Fairmont and Fairmont Area Schools are being asked to contribute to the project, by abating taxes on the property for 10 years. We hope these entities see the value of the project to the community and area. Martin County’s Economic Development Authority on Monday approved recommending the abatement to county commissioners, at a cost of about $425,000 over the 10 years.

We wish CHS luck as it moves forward with its plans and goals. We congratulate the firm for its success. We also extend thanks for proposing such a commitment to Fairmont and Martin County.

Kudos also to local officials for helping facilitate the project. Fairmont economic development director Linsey Preuss made the announcement this week, and we are certain that she and others have done everything in their power — and will continue to do so — to make this project come to fruition.