In our society, those who value life must act

As recent mass shootings around the country continue to demonstrate, the United States has a deep cultural problem. It is defined by those who believe mass murder is an option or necessity. They are allies of death, putting them in evil company, with fanatical, suicidal Islamic extremists or deranged Nazis. All hate the good, which is to be defined as life, peace, love and reason.

The killers weapon of choice — the firearm — is tied to their evil. It is a convenient implement of destruction, and so a convenient scapegoat for those outraged by the carnage. Calls for new gun laws are bound to emerge. These, of course, will punish law-abiding gun owners. The killers and would-be killers will not care. Whatever is warped in their minds will not be cured by restricting or banning a weapon. They will steal guns or utilize other ways to kill. The innocent will be disarmed.

We are told these killers are psychologically disconnected from reality in some way, shape or form. No kidding. Mental illness is one obvious evaluation. But what about the destruction of standards in our nation? Standards that should held by good, decent quality parents. To ensure their children are treated properly as they grow up and taught that their fellow human beings have rights, just as they do. Call it a moral education, whether you wish to attach it to a supreme being or not.

If it is the case that our society is simply too far gone now, that we are stuck with those who see utility in death, and more of them, then those who cherish life must redouble their efforts. In every way. In finding and evaluating potential killers. In promoting life-affirming values. And in ensuring that the innocent never go unarmed. Everyone’s right to life comes with a right to defend it.