Cleaning up river will require getting to work

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is getting serious about the water quality in the Minnesota River and its tributaries. The agency is finalizing plans to address a number of problems along the river. It held a session in Mankato on Wednesday to go over its report and plans.

The problems along the river are legion, and the solutions the agency proposes will have to be as well.

Yes, part of the problem is that high water levels are tearing at the banks the river normally would not reach, bringing more dirt and soil to muddy the waters. But there are so many areas that need to be addressed — runoff from urban developments, streets and parking lots, as well as runoff from farm fields and tile lines.

The agency has set a goal of reducing sediment in the river by 50 percent. Accomplishing that will require the cooperation of all who live in the watershed. Gettign things done means getting to work, sooner rather than later.