Et Cetera …

Tackling insulin costs

Diabetics who need insulin to survive suddenly represent a cash cow to those drug-makers who produce insulin. Minnesota lawmakers would like to address the problem of skyrocketing insulin prices.

We think it is tragic that those who need insulin are being put in such a difficult situation. Drug-makers know they can rely on the continued business of these people, so why gouge them? We understand there is a principle of free markets. There is also the word “cruelty,” which is callous indifference to suffering. We hope drug-makers come to their senses, before they are forced to do so.

Time for citizen input

The city of Fairmont has a lot on its plate these days, to say the least. A preliminary budget proposal unveiled this week calls for a 16 percent hike in the local property tax levy. That has gotten the attention of local taxpayers.

A new street/park building is in the works, and the city also is looking for ways to find revenue to work on improving streets and infrastructure, all of which is needed.

The budget talks will continue for the next month. We hope residents will weigh in and let council members know their thoughts.

Court backs Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that President Trump can utilize some Defense Department funds to help construct a barrier wall on the southern border. Trump rightly celebrated the decision, which strengthens border security and helps him enforce the rule of law.

Trump had declared a national emergency in order to take cash from government agencies to build the wall, after Congress gave him limited funding. A lower court froze the funds, a decision the high court reversed.

Declaring a national emergency should never be done lightly, but the border crisis meets the standard.

Debt problem growing

The United States is deeply in debt and going broke. A recent budget deal between congressional Democrats and President Trump will not help the situation. It will make it worse.

Nothing Trump has done gives us any confidence that he is prepared to address the budget deficit and debt problem. If he gets re-elected, the debt will grow. But on the budget front, he is somehow the best choice.

Democratic presidential contenders are racing each other to see who can promise to spend the most to offer freebies to the American public. If any of them gets their way, the budgetary consequences would be devastating.