Mueller testimony does not offer anything new

President Trump is not going to be impeached. It just won’t happen, and is no more likely now that former special counsel Robert Mueller has testified before Congress. That occurred Wednesday. Trump’s foes may not wish to accept the outcome, but it’s over. They are not convincing anyone that Trump should face a trial in the Senate. The American people are not buying what they are selling.

Mueller did not add anything important to the record. We already knew that Trump did not collude with Russia. We already knew that Russian hackers and trolls want to mess with our elections. We already knew that Mueller reached no conclusion on whether Trump attempted to “obstruct justice.” (Mueller’s bosses said Trump did not.)

We also already knew that Mueller’s appearance was intended to be political theater, staged by Democrats. It flopped.

Millions of Americans support President Trump and are passionate about his policies and goals. Millions of other Americans despise the President and want to see him replaced. Millions of others are undecided (or do not care). Good thing there is a remedy to sort it all out. It’s called an election, and it’s coming in 2020. You love Trump? Go vote. Hate him? Go vote.

But the Russian collusion hoax remains just that. A waste of time and an irrelevant sideshow. Do you suppose congressional Democrats will catch on? Or just keep beating a dead horse?