U.S. could benefit by lending Mexico a hand

Even before President Donald Trump threatened to use tariffs on Mexican goods imported into the United States, that country’s leaders seemed to be doing more than their predecessors to keep potential illegal immigrants from crossing our southern border. Now the campaign has intensified.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s crackdown appears to have the backing of many of his constituents. A substantial number of Mexicans are worried about illegal immigrants from countries to their south, for various reasons. One is the effect even those just passing through have on relations with the United States. Another concern is that some of the illegal immigrants stay in Mexico. Even those who remain temporarily are a strain on the nation’s resources.

Public opinion polls conducted after Lopez Obrador began a new crackdown show he enjoys support from 66% to 72% of Mexicans.

U.S. resources have been strained by the influx of illegal immigrants too — no thanks to Democrats in Congress who, until recently, had refused to appropriate more money to help deal more humanely with those who make it across the border.

No doubt, then, any request by the Trump administration for additional foreign aid funds to assist Mexico would be received coldly by liberal lawmakers.

But illegal immigration is not just a problem here. It is in Mexico too. And as long as Lopez Obrador continues to attempt to deal with the challenge, Americans should be willing to help his government.

Conservatives in Congress should inquire as to whether such aid is desired and needed. If so, it should be provided.