Et Cetera …

Time for dumping to stop

Fairmont’s thrift stores — the Salvation Army and Twelve Baskets Re-Sale — offer a triple value to the community. They accept unwanted household items, allowing people to lighten their load. They sell those items at a low cost, often to people who cannot afford to pay more. And they plow proceeds back into good causes.

So it is terrible that some people take advantage by dumping items after hours that these sites do not accept. We want to believe ignorance is to blame and can be remedied. We fear that the abuse is deliberate. We hope those who commit it can be caught.

It’s all about new voters

A moderator at a forum for Democratic presidential candidates this week asked them to raise their hands if they support “free” health care for illegal immigrants. They all raised their hands.

If this is such a moral issue for Democrats, why stop at the southern border? Do morals stop at the border? Why not offer “free” health care to all of Central America? To South America? But then the oceans would foster discrimination, so why not offer “free” health care to Africa, to Asia?

Oh, right, those folks don’t represent potential new voters. Just buy the votes of the “immigrants.” We get it now. It’s politics, not morals at work.

At least they’re talking

Fairmont City Councilman Randy Lubenow really tugged at our heartstrings this week. The poor guy. At the council meeting, he lamented that council members only make $200 per month and have to listen to lots of people’s opinions.

Which means they might make you feel bad when you screw up and they let you have it. The more mistakes you make, the worse it gets. So, in Lubenow’s case, he probably gets an earful quite regularly.

But perhaps it’s all a matter of perspective. Maybe Lubenow should consider himself lucky that people haven’t completely given up and are still talking to him.

Don’t forget fireworks

Fairmont will celebrate the Fourth of July next week. The day simply would not be the same without the city’s fireworks celebration, which is enjoyed by thousands along the banks of Sisseton Lake.

Sometimes, some traditions become so familiar that people forget they have to funded. But these things don’t just happen; they require money and amazing volunteers to help with the show.

Area residents can pitch in by sending their contributions to: Fairmont Fireworks, P.O. Box 386, Fairmont MN 56031.