Et Cetera …

Too many distracted

Minnesota has a new distracted driving law that takes effect Aug. 1, and thank goodness. Every driver on the road these days has probably noticed two dangerous things: 1) that too many drivers are looking at their phones when they should be driving; and 2) that they are among them.

Included in the new prohibitions: Drivers cannot hold a phone and make calls. Only hands-free options are allowed.

Police will pull over drivers who violate the new law. But no driver has to worry about it if they simply do what they should be doing — paying attention to the road.

Conversation ongoing

Martin County West Schools is a proud district, with good reason. There is excellent leadership and staff, and residents support their schools. A recent survey indicates how much.

According to the data, 66 percent of those responding support a multi-million bond sale for health and safety improvements. Sixty-seven percent also believe the Welcome school should be razed to save money.

The survey provides a continuing conversation piece for the district. We hope the talks are fruitful.

Senior site breaks ground

Temperance Lake Ridge in Sherburn this week broke ground on a $4.2 million project that involves remodeling and expansion. The senior living site will add 14 memory care rooms, doubling its capacity in that area.

Temperance Lake Ridge is well-run and appreciated by the community of Sherburn, by its residents, their families and by those who work there. It is a great small town success story.

It will continue to meet the needs of its residents and newcomers thanks to sound planning and the support of many people.

Making event successful

Kudos to everyone in Fairmont who had a hand in making the city’s portion of the Air Race Classic a success. The race for women pilots made its way through town mid-week, offering those pilots a chance to visit a hospitable town. Locals got the chance to meet the racers, see their planes and take note of the great local airport.

There were many local sponsors and many locals who volunteered their time and effort to this event. None of what occurred would have been possible in Fairmont without these good people making a difference.