Half a billion could be spent in better ways

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last week that his philanthropic foundation will spend $500 million to close as many coal-fired power plants as possible. He also wants Americans to stop building new gas-fired power plants.


Bloomberg claims the move is needed to save us all from climate change. Never mind the abundant evidence he is misguided.

One wonders whether he ever stopped to think about how much good $500 million would do in finding new ways to burn coal cleanly and with lower carbon emissions. Or whether it would be wiser to spend the money to find ways to make technologies such as solar and wind power true alternatives.

But no. Bloomberg prefers to think destructively rather than creatively, like so many of his ilk.

Let us hope someone can educate Bloomberg about the realities of energy — and persuade him to spend his half-billion dollars in a way that will help rather than hurt his fellow Americans, who will be forced to pay much higher electricity bills should his plan succeed.