Et Cetera …

It’s IHD time of year

Fairmont’s Interlaken Heritage Days began last evening and continues today at Heritage Acres, along with the car show downtown and the parade this evening. Events move to Gomsrud Park on Sunday afternoon.

We encourage area residents to come see what the festival has to offer, and we extend our thanks and praise to those volunteers who work to organize and present the festival.

The weather today is supposed to be sublime. Get out and enjoy the day.

Hagedorn takes stand

Congressman Jim Hagedorn of southern Minnesota this week voted against a bill that essentially would have allowed for amnesty for illegal immigrants. Good for him.

The U.S. southern border is a crisis zone, with tens of thousands of people seeking illegal entry. Democrats who control the U.S. House refuse to see or acknowledge the events and problems. Instead, their proposals would make the situation worse for decades to come.

The U.S. needs strict border enforcement and a host of other sensible solutions, such as those backed by Hagedorn.

China is the bad actor

Some people will do anything to blame America first. It’s incredible really.

History is full of examples of other nations acting in evil ways. When the U.S. tries to do anything to counter these threats, millions of Americans are ready denounce their country while giving the evil-doers a free pass.

Currently, the U.S. is attempting to win concessions on trade with totalitarian China. Thankfully, it’s not a life or death issue, but it’s still important. The America-haters here, though, want to blame President Trump for the impasse. It’s not his fault. China cheats. He called them on it. He deserves support.

State playing games

The two firms that deliver medical marijuana to Minnesotans lost a combined $2.4 million in 2018. Just more proof that Minnesota’s “system” does not make sense.

Yes, the two firms say recent legislation will make doing business easier, but so what? The state’s highly controlled program is attempting to do two wildly disparate things — offer marijuana to people while also trying to maintain a moral and legal opposition to its use. Why can’t the state just pick one or the other? Legalize pot so people can freely grow and sell it. Or declare it to be a menace to society and prohibit its sale, distribution and use. Why play the dumb games?