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Keep proceeds local

Civil asset forfeiture can be a controversial topic because it involves the government taking cash and property (like vehicles) from those who commit crimes. This largely relates to drug trafficking offenses, but also may involve other crimes, like DWIs.

We do not believe first-time DWI offenders should lose their cars. They deserve a chance to make better decisions.

We do believe local prosecutors and police should get to keep the proceeds from asset forfeiture, since they are on the front lines in the fight against crime.

Forshee earns kudos

We extend our thanks to Martin County Auditor/Treasurer Jim Forshee, who is stepping down after 16-plus years of excellent service to the county.

Forshee is the money guy at the Courthouse. His office handles the county’s accounting; and collects and distributes taxes for the county, cities, townships and school districts. The office administers and maintains the election system for 37 precincts. And it maintains records for land transfers, sales, mortgages, etc.

It’s a lot of responsibility, but something Forshee has handled admirably. We wish him good luck.

Who is responsible?

A group of states including Iowa and Wisconsin announced legal filings this week, joining other states targeting OxyContin-maker Purdue Pharma. They claim the company is responsible for an opioid addiction crisis.

These states’ claims are ridiculous.

The company says giving these states a legal win will destroy the legal principle of causation. That’s absolutely right.

Purdue may make the drug, but federal regulators (FDA) approved it. Doctors prescribe it. People, including many without prescriptions, illegally abuse it.

Utterly unfair to Barr

Democrats in the U.S. House want you to believe that U.S. Attorney General William Barr is deceiving them and you. He is not.

Barr has released the Mueller report and has granted access to those Democratic members of the House who want to see an unredacted version.

Democrats complain that Barr has not released to the public an unredacted version. There is a reason. The law prohibits him from doing so, because the report contains grand jury testimony. So, Democrats say, “Release the full report or we’ll hold you in contempt.” In other words, break the law or we’ll charge you with a crime.


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