A great question: Why did investigation begin?

We suspect that the handful of inquiries into why there was ever a “collusion” investigation into the Trump presidential campaign are going to reveal, or reveal again, some pretty terrible things. Because they will show that members of the U.S. intelligence community and federal law enforcement community failed to adequately do their jobs or possibly even participated in an effort to undermine Trump.

This is an astonishing situation. No American citizen should ever be subjected to what Trump and his family have faced. The Mueller report showed that the Trump team did not collude with Russia in any way during the 2016 election. So why did all this nonsense begin?

If U.S. intelligence agencies or law enforcement can be used as weapons against political candidates, what does that say about the state of our democracy? It is a far more dangerous situation than having some Russian nerds and hackers attempt to influence our politics by posting divisive information online. There is all kinds of crap on the Internet that people can and do ignore. But investigations that are launched out of the U.S. Department of Justice are a big deal. They are real. And damaging.

Liberals and the mainstream media delighted for two-plus years in what they thought would be a damning result that tied Donald Trump to Russia. They were motivated by hatred. Real nice. They have not apologized. They won’t. And while they go on wallowing in hate, they likely will accuse everyone else of some infamy, like racism or sexism or homophobia. They’re not the haters, you are. Right.

So the inquiries into the impetus for the “collusion” hoax are absolutely necessary. To inform those who wish to be informed, to offer evidence to the uninformed and to serve as a smack across the nose of those who are malicious.


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