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The problem in Ward 3

The city of Fairmont’s department heads recently unanimously told the City Council that they appreciate having in-house legal counsel, specifically Libby Bloomquist.

The council does not have to agree that this is the best arrangement, but why would any of its members start questioning the staff’s integrity? Psychological projection?

Councilman Randy Lubenow thinks City Clerk Patty Monsen, whose reputation is stellar, is now not to be trusted with verifying signatures on a recall petition involving Councilman Tom Hawkins. Why? Because Monsen likes having Bloomquist around to answer legal questions.

Our sympathies to city staff, and anyone else who has to work with Lubenow.

4-H making its move

Martin County finalized the move of the 4-H program to the county fairgrounds this week, working out a lease arrangement with the Martin County Fair.

With courthouse space at a premium and the 4-H closely linked to the fairgrounds anyway, the move makes sense. And the lease seems reasonable.

4-H is an essential part of growing up for many children and families in Martin County. We wish it continued success as it makes its way to its new home.

Kudos, Fairmont Area

Fairmont Area Schools is always doing amazing things. Like adding the ProStart curriculum for next school year.

ProStart classes align with the National Restaurant Association standards and ServSafe certification. Students who participate in the classes learn what they would learn in culinary school. The quality of the program is recognized around the country.

So, yes, students could learn enough in these classes to get started in the restaurant industry. What a wonderful gift from the planners and professionals of their high school.

Getting ahead of things

The city of Fairmont held an open house this past week to answer questions and offer insights about the Lake Avenue construction project slated for 2020. The work is going to have a major impact around downtown.

The city (Public Works director Troy Nemmers, specifically) is to be credited for inviting in the public and looking for ways to create solutions before problems can manifest themselves.

We encourage businesses and residents who remain concerned about the work to stay in touch with Nemmers and up to date on the project.


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