President Trump has nailed it on the issues

Many Americans would have you believe that President Trump is evil incarnate. They are obsessed with his personality, in a negative way. This has led to the creation of the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Trump is different, that’s for sure. He is unconventional, bombastic and shoots from his mouth (or Twitter feed) before carefully considering his thoughts. He can be mean and offensive, but it’s not as if his political opponents are saints who never say stupid things. Consider Nancy Pelosi or the pack of socialists she is trying to corral.

Trump’s great strength is his ability to connect with average Americans, because they see the reality that Trump sees and that Democrats deny. Why do they deny it? It doesn’t suit their political ends.

On the major issues, Trump has not just been right. He has been astonishingly right.

The tax cuts, deregulation and trade issues he has focused on have been a total success story. Consider the nation’s economic growth, job growth, wage growth, manufacturing job growth, jobless rates across all demographics and the economic optimism that has taken hold.

Trump’s focus on illegal immigration has been prescient. The border is being overrun with asylum-seekers, with the Border Patrol overwhelmed. Many in America wanted to ignore this issue, but now even Congress will have to end its dereliction of duty.

The Trump administration is also tackling the opioid epidemic, rebuilding the military, defeating terrorists, getting the U.S. out of foreign conflicts, seeking health care solutions, giving veterans more choices on health care, getting the U.S. out of pointless treaties and appointing judges that care about the Constitution instead of their own political agendas.

Not bad for two-plus years worth of work while battling a hostile mainstream media obsessed with a Russia “collusion” hoax. Kudos, Mr. President.


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