Et Cetera …

City plans deer hunt

Blue Earth City Council this week approved a city-run deer hunt that will involve a designated police officer using a bow and arrow. The city is working in conjunction with the Department of Natural Resources, and consulting with the city of New Ulm, which has long held hunts to cull its deer population.

Council members are right when they say that if they hold a hunt, at least they can say the city gave it a try, as Blue Earth deals with a deer population problem. We wish the city success.

Awaiting trade deals

President Donald Trump visited Minnesota this week and earned praise from Congressman Jim Hagedorn of southern Minnesota.

Hagedorn noted the president’s contributions to the economic revival in the nation, with Trump setting the tone on tax and regulatory policies to free up citizens to start or expand businesses. Unemployment is low across all demographics.

Hagedorn wants to see the U.S. settle its trade issues with Canada, Mexico and China. We wish Trump good luck with negotiations. Southern Minnesota stands to benefit greatly when he is successful.

An extraordinary tribute

Organizers of the Martin County Veterans Memorial on Winnebago Avenue in Fairmont deserve congratulations for their fundraising and hard work in putting up this stunning tribute to those who have served their nation.

Black granite name panels recently went up at the site. One cannot help but be moved by this visual, which evokes thoughts of service, courage and sacrifice. Life’s petty problems pale in comparison to the knowledge that others have actually, literally died so that we may enjoy our freedoms, friendships and families. We hope everyone visits this site.

Ban aims to save lives

Starting Aug. 1, Minnesota drivers will be banned from holding and using cell phones or other wireless devices while driving. They will be allowed to use voice-activated, hands-free devices.

This means no more cell calls if they are not hands-free. State law already bans texting and emailing while driving.

Using a cell phone while driving is simply dangerous. Many people already have died because others were carelessly on their phones and not paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, something that should be obvious is now a law. A necessary one.