Et Cetera …

Make up missed days

The Minnesota Legislature and Gov. Tim Walz have passed a law to allow school districts the chance to have their snow days “forgiven” this year, with the state paying the schools as if they had held classes.

Schools, such as Fairmont Area, are considering whether to take the deal. We hope school board members remember that pretending you held classes is not the same thing as actually holding them. In any other year, schools make an effort to make up missed days, because instruction time matters, right? If it doesn’t, then there are some big questions that need to be answered.

Losses keep flowing

The annual financial loss at Fairmont’s aquatic park is staggering. It hit $340,000 last year, according to a report out this week.

Such a facility will never, of course, make money. In fact, the city had goals other than financial in mind when it built the park. These include employing teens and offering families (and others) a place to enjoy themselves. But still. It’s a big loss.

As the city now gears up for possible construction of a community center, we hope the financial reality of the water park is not forgotten or ignored.

Giving incredible gifts

Often, it seems, those who leave behind enormous sums of money in their estates for the benefit of their communities would prefer not to be noticed. We can think of several local examples in recent memory in which people chose not to make their donations while still alive, in part to avoid credit and publicity.

Such is the case of Kenneth West of Trimont. This week, it was announced that he left $867,000 to several organizations. Thank goodness for such benevolence. It really makes a difference in the world.

Zierke looks to grow

There is good news on the economic development front in Fairmont, as it was revealed this week that Zierke Manufacturing is planning to expand operations and add workers. The firm is working with the city of Fairmont’s Economic Development Authority to line up state grant funding to help fund the plans.

Zierke came to Fairmont from Winnebago and already has had a big impact in town. It makes world-class products, hires local people, pays them well and even works with the school to help train future welders.

We wish the company continued good fortune.