Et Cetera …

Reversing knowledge

Human beings are the only animals that must knowingly confront reality, which is not always kind. Perhaps that is why so many humans try to avoid it or cheat it. But that’s not workable, as results show.

One problem in our society today is that some parents are not having their children vaccinated, for poor reasons. So diseases like measles, once thought eradicated, are re-emerging. Everyone is subsequently put at risk.

Willful ignorance and obstinance are the only things that can reverse human progress. These are not things to embrace.

They’re entirely wrong

Speaking of which, there is another problem in our society, involving a group of people who cannot see or do not care about the excellent U.S. economy and resulting opportunity. For these folks, only “socialism” will alleviate their desire to buck reality.

It needs to be said: these people are simply and totally 100 percent wrong. If they succeed, what they will achieve is equality of misery. Except for their leaders, who would wield power like the pigs in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Socialism is not desirable or ethical or good for anyone. It is a dead end.

Freedom, choice needed

The Republican-led Minnesota Senate this week approved some innovative measures to try to tackle the high cost of health care. They also want more people to have access to care.

Republicans say they recognize a problem, but they are not willing to turn over health care to the government, as Gov. Tim Walz wants with his “OneCare” health insurance program. The Senate voted to reject Walz’s proposal.

What is needed in health care is more freedom and choice, and more transparency. Not heavy-handed government.

Tackling border crisis

Americans can stick their heads in the sand if they so choose, but those who do so should be disqualified from criticizing efforts to remedy the immigration crisis on the southern U.S. border.

President Trump this week threatened Mexico with repercussions if it does not stem the tide of migrant caravans and help stop the flow of illegal drugs. The president rightly states that his predecessors — Democrat and Republican alike — have been failing on the border issue for decades. He pledges that he will not. It could very well be his most important promise, and we take him seriously. We hope Mexico and the president’s critics are listening.