Et Cetera …

The priorities are what?

Fairmont City Council member Randy Lubenow took a stand this week and voted against a proposed package of 2019 street improvements. Good for him.

Lubenow rightly notes that the western stretch of Lake Avenue is in terrible shape, even though it is a visible entrance into the city. While city officials say they have prioritized street work, it can be difficult to understand their approach when highly used streets are rough and ragged. If these streets are not going to be repaired, we hope there is at least a big budget for patching the potholes.

Event to honor Gould

Helen Gould was a class act and a huge supporter of Fairmont Area Schools. It is her kind of community involvement that sadly may be fading away in our changing times and society. But if there is going to be a revival of community spirit, then it is Gould’s example that can be emulated.

We note this week that the annual Partners in Education (PIE) variety show, to be held Monday, will offer a tribute to Gould, who helped organize the show prior to her death. What a wonderful, fitting honor for someone who gave so much.

Good plan, good people

Fairmont Area Schools this week made a major personnel move and committed to two hirings in what we see as an excellent plan for next school year, with excellent people involved.

The school moved current high school principal Kim Niss to a role as principal of curriculum, instruction and research. It also hired Alex Schmidt and Jake Tietje to serve as co-principals at the high school.

A school’s leaders are crucial to its overall mission. This team, including principals at the elementary school, has much to offer. We congratulate the district on its choices.

Hash it out, get it done

Republicans who control the Minnesota Senate presented their two-year budget plan this week. It offers an overall increase in state spending, up to $47.6 billion, but not as high as the level ($49.4) that Gov. Tim Walz wants.

Most importantly, the GOP budget plan does not include a 20-cent hike in the gas tax favored by Walz. And it would eliminate the 2 percent sick tax on health care providers.

So, what’s next? Showdown or sensible compromise? We hope it’s the latter. Minnesotans are tired of the budget staredowns and lack of action that epitomized the leadership of former Gov. Mark Dayton. How about just getting things done?