Et Cetera …

Frontier seems lost

Martin County commissioners were in obvious disbelief this week as they discussed a county effort to extend high-speed internet service to small towns. The focus of their amazement was Frontier Communications, a company that reminds us of those “Just OK is not OK” commercials.

Frontier does not seem to know how to communicate with customers, or know its own prices or whether it has service technicians available. Frontier also reportedly damaged yards and driveways during installation and then failed to do restoration.

The county is right to scrutinize Frontier. We hope it keeps up the pressure.

Walz always wants more

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz must believe that life is a triage ward. And that dollar bills, taken from hard-working Minnesotans, are the thing he needs to sop up all the blood he envisions.

Walz is fighting to retain a $1 billion sick tax on Minnesotans, while at the same time seeking a new 20-cent hike in the per gallon gas tax. He wants both things even though the state has a $1 billion budget surplus and reserves topping $2.4 billion.

Walz believes it is his job to save humanity from reality. No cost is too high for him. Thankfully, there are lawmakers willing to say no.

Fairmont loses Shopko

Shopko in Fairmont is closing its doors. We have to wonder if this news truly fazed anyone not directly connected to the store. Or did people just shrug and jump on their phones and tablets to place an order with Amazon?

Yes, progress is progress. Change is change. But if people in this area are not careful, they are going to wind up with a community that is retail-barren. Which also will mean less of a community, since these stores support local charities, programs and events. Oh, and they also employ friends and neighbors. Or did.

Many facing flooding

There is a lot of bad news coming out of various locations this week about flooding in the Midwest. More bad news could follow in coming days and weeks.

We hope area residents are keeping in mind the good people in our state and neighboring states who could use a helping hand at this time. There are great groups out there — like the American Red Cross — that step up when people are in need. Donations to these groups do make a difference.

The floods will recede with time, but the damage will have been done. Please consider giving.