Et Cetera …

Awaiting a warmup

It has been a record winter in the Fairmont area. Unfortunately. The snow has piled up and the cold has chilled all of us for too long. And today is going to bring … you guessed it, more snow. Yuck.

So we extend thanks to those who have worked hard this season to keep things moving, from those who clear roads, to those who deliver the mail, to those who bring supplies to town. We probably all know some good neighbors who have been helping clear driveways and sidewalks too.

All we can say is hang in there, Minnesotans. Spring has to be around the corner. Right?

Omar failing as leader

Israel has long had a simple message for its neighbors, namely a group of countries in which Islam is the dominant faith. That message is: Leave us to live in peace. Israel’s request has been met with war and terror over its history. Many Muslims do not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has a problem with Israel and U.S. support for that nation. She is a freshman representative and a Muslim. Her approach is wrongheaded, and her rhetoric unhelpful, to say the least. She could help lead by promoting peace, free markets and democracy in the Mideast, but she is not.

Concept worth exploring

The city of Fairmont is tackling the problem of how to pay for street repairs. It is an issue that has surfaced in the past and it is back again. The question is: Should those who have the street repaired in front of their home be charged an “assessment,” as is the case now, or should there simply be an annual street utility charge that everyone pays every month. After all, everyone uses the streets.

Perhaps some combination of fees is appropriate, retaining some assessments and adding a utility charge to cover repairs to major thoroughfares or arterial roads.

Motivated by politics

When it comes to illegal immigration across the southern border of the United States, Democrats have their heads in the sand. But, seriously, why is that?

Last month, there were more than 76,000 illegals apprehended, or more than double for the same period last year. The problem is forecast to get worse as the weather gets better.

Some Democrats may believe the U.S. should offer refuge to everyone, despite the burdens and problems this creates. But it’s more likely a political strategy, namely an attempt to win over some current voters and gain new ones down the road.