Et Cetera …

Dangerous way to drive

Human beings have some bad habits, often revolving around their need to cram more things into a smaller time frame. In addition, they now live attached to their cell phones, leaping to view the next bit of information rolling in.

These are among the reasons that distracted driving, a deadly threat, is on the rise in Minnesota. And every age group is guilty, according to police.

It’s time to wise up. Driving is a full-time job. Put the burger, makeup and phone away while on the road. Your life and others are at stake.

Excellent explanation

Proponents of a Fairmont community center this week offered an analysis of the proposed project, its timeline and what such a facility could mean in terms of a positive benefit locally. We believe they did a great job of explaining things.

Importantly, they pointed out that the process is really just beginning, with a lot of information yet to be gathered. It’s good to know they are not in a mad rush to build.

We hope the final decision-makers, the members of the City Council, are likewise prepared to wait for quality answers to many outstanding questions. Anything less is a disservice to local residents.

State must be frugal

Minnesota’s projected budget surplus has fallen, from $1.5 billion to $1 billion. A surplus is always good news, but the change means state lawmakers must be more frugal, not less, as they plan a two-year budget.

Gov. Tim Walz is arguing the opposite, that now is the time to spend and raise taxes. (He would probably argue this regardless.) We do not agree. Any big hike in state spending amounts to a commitment to future spending, and away the budget goes. This is why the federal government is broke. Minnesota needs to do better.

Who do gun laws affect?

There is a frenzy of anti-gun legislation in both the U.S. and Minnesota House of Representatives. Democrats, shut out of power for years, are now in charge and making their presence felt.

We have to agree with state Rep. Bob Gunther of Fairmont, who astutely notes that the only thing gun legislation does is make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to buy a gun. Criminals do not care. They will obtain weapons illegally if they really want them.

Democrats also want to allow guns to be seized from some citizens based on someone else’s opinion about them. Thus making people guilty until proven innocent.