For liberals, policy is now all about ‘morals’

With all their talk about “morals” these days, one would think that American liberals had started their own religion. Perhaps they have. Funny that they cannot see it, or their own hypocrisy, given their disdain for others’ religious beliefs.

First, you will recall, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described President Trump’s proposal for a wall along the southern border as “immoral.” What is moral to her, we guess, is to let just anyone into the country. You cannot disagree with Pelosi over the policy. No. You’re bad.

Now along comes Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, who, making a case for his budget, is not content pitching his public policy preferences. Nope. Walz says his budget is “moral.” Actually, he says it reflects the “morals” of Minnesotans. Even if you are a Minnesotan who disagrees with him, apparently. Well thank goodness the good Reverend Walz is shepherding the flock.

Walz’s actual priorities — education, health care and community prosperity — are not unreasonable areas for him to focus. Of course, he wants to spend too much, funded by new taxes. But his claim of the moral high ground falls flat, like his proposed 20-cent hike in the gas tax.

By the way, a moral code is a value system an individual chooses to live his or her life by. It’s not a weapon to be aimed at everyone else. Isn’t that liberals’ criticism of ardent Christians? Yet now liberals are moralizing about their pet causes. Welcome to the new religion, and meet the new zealots.