Et Cetera …

Drivers like change

Drivers in rural Minnesota are happy with the decision to raise the speed limit to 60 mph on most two-lane highways in the state. The new limit already has been posted on two-thirds of highways scheduled for the adjustment.

While some believe the higher speed limit creates new dangers on the highways, the truth is that drivers had not been driving 55 mph anyway. Now, they just are not being ticketed for it.

Roads and cars are engineered to easily handle the new speed limit, so there is no worry there.

Tackling sexual assault

A bill in the Minnesota House of Representatives is aiming to ensure that those who commit sexual assaults are held accountable. Among other things, the legislation seeks to institute model standards created by the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board for conducting sexual assault investigations. The worry is that police in some locales have not been thorough in their work.

We believe sexual assault must be taken more seriously, and if the bill in question can lead to better outcomes in sexual assault cases then it should be approved.

Shocking abortion bills

At one time, it was just political rhetoric that accused Democrats of backing abortion on demand. Most actually believed in the principle of fetal viability, which is the notion that if a fetus has developed enough to survive outside the womb, then abortion at that stage of pregnancy is wrong. Murder, in fact.

But late-term abortion seems to be the new priority for many Democrats, as evidenced in New York and Virginia. The callousness and barbarity of their defense of related legislation in those two states is shocking. They should be ashamed.

Facing the brutal cold

The Fairmont area was among the places this week suffering under an arctic blast of cold air. We’re sure many of our friends and neighbors were wishing they had traveled to some tropical destination rather than being forced to face the chill.

Nevertheless, let us offer our kudos to the hearty souls who live, work and remain in the Upper Midwest. The bad weather is something that has helped forge who we are as people, which is to say resilient and tough. Trying weather also helps bring us together, in a shared “adventure” and in the ways good people help each other out.