Et Cetera …

Shopko remaining open

There was bad news, then good news this week for Fairmont area residents regarding the local Shopko store. First it was announced the store would close, negatively affecting shoppers and employees. Then came the reprieve, with Shopko saying the store will remain open, thanks to an outpouring of local support and a new deal with the store’s landlord.

Shopko represents a major retail choice in Fairmont, and it employs many people. Its loss would have been felt. Kudos to those who let Shopko know it is wanted here and thank you to Shopko for reconsidering.

Council makes change

The Fairmont City Council this week reversed course on a policy to have citizens fill out a form prior to council meetings if they wish to address the council. The council has decided to restore open discussion at the start of meetings.

Council members held a good, honest debate about the topic and also agreed that the public’s opportunity to speak should not be open-ended. Meeting decorum must be maintained, and there is no reason for someone to get up and give a half-hour diatribe. We trust that the mayor and council members will want their meetings to be efficient and fruitful.

King’s words troubling

Congressman Steve King represents, among other areas, that portion of northern Iowa just south of Fairmont. King is in hot water for remarks made to the New York Times that, on their face, are abhorrent.

King seems to have told the Times that white nationalism and white supremacy are not offensive. He says he was misunderstood and taken out of context.

Voters in King’s district should consider carefully whether he is an appropriate representative, and whether they want someone in office who could possibly “misspeak” in such a way. King’s words are troubling, to say the least.

Pond hockey arrives

It’s that time of year again. Time for Fairmont’s huge pond hockey championship, being held today and Sunday on Sisseton Lake near Marina Lodge.

If you have never been down to check out this event, we encourage you to stop by. More than 40 teams, youth and adult, will be taking part in what is a fun and growing tradition. For those not participating, the championship is a chance to step outside, get some fresh air, watch the competitors and enjoy some good food.

Kudos to event organizers for all they do and for helping make Fairmont a winter destination.