Walz, lawmakers get ready for session

Minnesota’s new governor, Tim Walz, was sworn in on Monday. We wish the governor and all of the state’s lawmakers the best of luck as they get ready to embark on the 2019 legislative session. We hope they can find some harmony even though Minnesota once again has divided government, with Democrats in control of the House and Republicans leading the Senate.

Walz, a Democrat, will play a pivotal role in how the session plays out. We believe he is off to a good start, speaking up for decency and respect in an era in which uncompromising childishness seems to define the two political parties in Washington.

Walz, who represented southern Minnesota in Congress before ascending to the governor’s office, is touting educational initiatives, something close to his heart as a former educator. We believe he deserves to be heard, and we hope all educational innovators will have a place at the table. Education should be about results, not politics, and the old ideas are not working.

Walz also has plans to expand health care coverage. If that is a road the state goes down, it has to be affordable, and even offset in other areas of the state budget. Or it is likely to be unsustainable.