Democrats won’t deal, so what’s that tell us?

We think it is astonishing that the federal government has shut down over what essentially amounts to $4.4 billion. That is the difference between what Senate Democrats are willing to spend on border security and what President Trump wants ($5.7 billion) for a border wall with Mexico.

What is going on here is pure politics, and poorly played by Democrats, we believe.

Our federal government is a bloated behemoth that spends money like a drunken sailor. (Or maybe that’s an insult to drunken sailors. They are probably more thrifty.) The nation is more than $20 trillion in debt and runs huge annual budget deficits. All because neither political party can seem to imagine governing the country in a fiscally sane manner. Any and every program imaginable gets funded regularly, with many running into the tens of billions of dollars or more.

But, suddenly, Democrats are not willing to spend a dime more if it’s a matter of border security. Why? To deny Trump what he wants and the credit he would take for achieving his goal. There is no other reason. And they are willing to see government workers furloughed and federal services curtailed for their political ends.

This shutdown could be over in 30 seconds. All Democrats have to do is tell Trump that they too would like $5 billion for … well … something. Pick a pet project. Trump will make a deal. That Democrats, who love to spend your money, will not do this tells you everything you need to know. Their hatred for Trump is what drives them.