Please, stay generous this holiday season

Americans are the most charitable, benevolent people on Earth, according to statistics on giving. It’s not even close. This is likely because Americans believe in a few important things, such as it is OK — good, even — to make money. Which is to say, it is good to be creative, productive and to invest. Americans also believe in fundamental human goodness, and so they practice it. They give. They volunteer. They help their neighbors.

This time of year, American giving shows and matters, in a myriad of ways. People donate to Salvation Army red kettles. They donate to food and toy drives. They give money in the name of goodwill toward their fellow man. And for all of this, Americans deserve thanks and praise.

All of this is true in the Fairmont area as well as across the country. We hope that as area residents make their charitable gift decisions this holiday season that they will remember those less fortunate in some way. We also hope they will take note of several stories in the area that involve individuals or families that are going through some rough times at present. Sentinel writers have detailed some of these stories in recent weeks. Some fundraisers are planned while others may simply have a gofundme page. Certainly, all of these families’ holidays will be brighter knowing that their financial burdens are less.