Et Cetera …

Clear the way for plows

The forecast says the Fairmont area is going to get dumped on today and Sunday. Lots of snow is expected.

Seems like a good time to see how well the city of Fairmont’s new snowplowing plan works, and whether residents are going to help the city out by making sure they get their vehicles off the streets. Every vehicle out on the street slows down the plow drivers, so please be considerate and move them.

This weekend also offers an opportunity to lend a hand to an elderly neighbor who may need help getting shoveled out.

Farm Bill moves ahead

Congress has found agreement on a new Farm Bill. This is good news for area farmers who need to know what to expect from Washington as they begin planning for the 2019 growing season.

House Republicans are backing off demands for work requirements for some older food stamp recipients. The Senate had expressed disinterest in this proposal.

It appears that all players, including President Trump, are now on board with a compromise. It should pass by the end of the year.

Pelosi right on target

We do not often find ourselves in total agreement with U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, but we believe she is astute in her assessment of calls by some in the left wing of the Democratic Party to impeach President Trump.

“If the case is there [to impeach], then that should be self-evident to Democrats and Republicans,” she said recently.

And, so far, there is no case. Current calls for impeachment are entirely political, with no actual basis in reality. Pelosi believes Democrats should spend their time on other issues, such as health care and infrastructure.

Time for needed change

As the world watches as 5,000 Central American migrants camp in unsanitary conditions in Tijuana, Mexico, hoping to find asylum in the United States, we believe too few questions are being asked about their lives.

Why, for instance, does anyone want to come to the United States? Because their home countries are awful? Why are their home countries awful? It’s not as if America has a monopoly on ideas. Models for decent governments that support freedom and economic opportunity exist here, in Europe and elsewhere. Why don’t other nations follow these examples? Why don’t their peoples demand it? It’s well beyond time.