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Impact of referendum for MCW community

To the Editor:

Hello, MCW community. The school board has placed two questions on a referendum ballot for a special election May 14, 2024. Early voting begins March 29 at the MCW central office.

We are a group of volunteers, of all ages, from every community in the school district. You will see us at meetings, hear our voices while making phone calls, watch us drop off information at your doors, encouraging you to Vote Yes for the referendum questions. Our two main goals are to succeed with the referendum vote and to have our communities and relationships within them remain positive and intact.

We tried to absorb all the information presented over the past 6 months and we share the school board’s conclusion that our best option to deal with aging buildings, a declining population and the costs associated with maintaining three buildings is to build a facility that meets our needs now and in the future. We understand that many community members and voters are anxious about their finances/taxes and the changes that will come from just one school building in the district. We hope that we can continue to talk with one another and move forward together.

We will make adjustments to our activities based on what we learned during the first referendum vote process. We want you to know what you can expect to see from us as a group.

• We are trying to simplify messages about the facts as we understand them. We want voters to go to the polls with good, understandable information.

• We look forward to meetings and information sessions designed to allow people to talk in smaller groups, where they can listen to one another and exchange views. We should agree on the same set of facts, even if we have different opinions about them.

• We wish for great conversations, a successful referendum and continuing MCW friendships!

We look forward to working together with the community, the school board and administration on this plan to invest in the education of our youth, and to be a part of creating a sustainable future for the Martin County West School District.

Stephanie Wohlhuter

Kayla and Steven Zehms

Tracie Schumann

Jean Burkhardt

Reilley and Brian Rode

Cindy and Dean Sinn

Kelly and Grant Carlson

Cheryl Oelkers

Kristin and Paul Schoen

Sheri Markquart

Stephanie and Barry Kneeland

Kurt Nelson and Sami Jo Helmers Nelson


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