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Thoughts on abortion legislature

To the Editor:

Our state legislature is dominated by the Democratic Party at this time. In committee, they have been attempting to codify abortion into our state constitution. Since there is no committee hearing being offered on this subject, they are attaching this to their ERA [equal rights amendment].

How on earth can you call for an equal rights amendment and condoning murdering a child, even unto the date of birth??

I am adamantly PRO-LIFE, and I am going to give you my view on the attempt to codify abortion into the Minnesota State Constitution.

As I think of each and every one of you on this committee and in this state legislature, I want all of you to know that you are here because your Mother chose to carry all of you to term, giving each and every one of you life, loving you, nurturing you, and giving you the opportunity to be here.

Have any of you seen a video of an abortion? I have. The child is struggling to stay in the protective womb of their mother. The suction of that struggling child that is being torn to pieces is terrifying to watch. It is condoning murder of a living human being. Think about it for a few moments..

I have heard the comments – My Body, My Choice. The choice is there to make the decision to have sexual intercourse. Beyond that there is not just one life, but two.

An example of hypocrisy; here recently in Minnesota, a drunken driver was convicted of a double homicide when he crashed his car into another car killing a pregnant woman and her child. The State of Minnesota recognizes that there are two lives, not just one.

But here in Minnesota, that woman could be on her way to have an abortion at any stage until birth – no consequences. I call that an execution of a life!!

Life is a gift to be celebrated. There are services to help unwanted pregnancies here in Minnesota such as First Choice Pregnancy Services in New Ulm, Minn. They are here to help and comfort women and young girls to carry that life to term. Our Governor and our Attorney General have put out a consumer alert and have been an obstruction to these services. They claim that funds have been misused. First Choice Pregnancy Services of New Ulm, Minn. receives no funding from the State of Minnesota. The Democratic Party had put into grant funding that services such as this had to offer abortion counseling. This is not their goal and never will be.

There are families that want to adopt these children that are not wanted or cannot be cared for.

For those pregnancies from rape or incest, why should we execute the life of a child? Punish the offender. Give life its due and support the mother of the child.

Now, as for myself, I am 89 years young and a grandfather and great-grandfather to 83 grandchildren and great-grandchildren! Every one of them are special and loved, every one of them are here because they are a gift from above. I will be enjoying the arrival of 5 more this coming year.

I will leave you with this thought. The Oak Ridge Boys with singer Bill Golden has a record of “Thank God for Kids.” The one line that I want to leave you with is “The Closest Thing to Heaven is a Child.”!! “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward” Psalm 127:3 ESV

Thank you,

Fred Lenz

St. James, Minn.


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