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Save the Pool

To the Editor:

Many people are not aware of the numerous excellent opportunities at the Sherburn Community Pool. I want to share with you these benefits in hopes that you will gain a better understanding of how important the pool is to our community and the surrounding area.

People of all ages and a variety of needs use the pool for social interaction, physical fitness, and therapy/rehab. Water aerobics and fitness swim are offered in the mornings and evenings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The pool provides floating devices and other equipment to assist all strengths of swimmers. A special needs swim is also available on Wednesday evenings. Furthermore, the pool is a great place to have birthday parties and other special activities. Many memories are made during fun events that are celebrated at the pool. For teenagers, the pool provides a place of employment as a lifeguard and life-saving skills.

In addition, children come to the pool to learn how to swim and how to be safe in the water. Swimming lessons provide good opportunities for kids to learn new skills, become more confident, and have fun! Kids also use their imaginations when playing games that enhance their creativity, problem-solving skills, and listening abilities.

The Martin County West schools use the pool for physical education classes. Students love to learn new skills and participate in activities that are different from their regular physical activities. Sports teams also use the pool to workout or do different activities that give athletes low-impact training. Brad Musser, a physical therapist and regular swimmer, recommends that athletes swim because the water helps increase blood flow and works all of the muscles of the core, upper body, and lower extremities in different ways. He also advises patients to swim for rehab. Many of Brad’s patients have a limited weight-bearing status, and they need a treatment plan that puts less stress on joints. Swimming for therapy provides patients with a great opportunity to regain full range of motion with their muscles. Brad also says “Swimming helps people focus on systematic breathing, which is an essential part of rehab.”

Here are some more thoughts from regular swimmers. Mary Segar from Fairmont says “I love coming to the pool, my body needs this.” Another swimmer, Marilyn Oelke from Ceylon, has health concerns of arthritis and joint replacements, which put limitations on her land-based physical exercise. Swimming gives Marilyn the freedom to do strengthening exercises because moving in the water reduces the pressure on the joints and eases the stiffness of arthritis.

The Sherburn pool provides great opportunities to all ages of people and is an important asset to our community.

Respectfully submitted,

Katie Hartke



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