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Citizens 4 A Strong Fairmont

To the Editor:

At the city council meeting on Monday, Aug. 14, Councilor Britney Kawecki from Ward 2, asked Citizens 4 A Strong Fairmont how we are involved in the City and what we are doing to support it. We welcomed the opportunity to describe ourselves more thoroughly in this letter.

We are taxpaying citizens. Nearly half of the property taxes each of us pays goes to the City of Fairmont to fund the fire and police departments, the water treatment plant, the street department, storm water management and all the other city functions.

Let’s not forget that this town owns an airport. As taxpayers, we help pay its costs, along with the City’s 28 parks, the sports complex, Cedar Park disc golf courses, public dock areas, Aquatic Park and much more. Isn’t it amazing that every individual taxpayer does so much to support this town?

Our taxes help fund the schools and the whole spectrum of education including choir, art, drama, sports, robotics, speech, band, after school activities, language studies, agriculture and the trades for over 1,700 students.

Those same tax dollars pay the staff of our city and schools who use them to buy groceries, gas, and goods for their families. That means that our taxes are a key part of the local economy, profiting restaurants, businesses and stores. Although there’s more, no more should be needed.

Citizens 4 A Strong Fairmont also volunteer. We gladly give our time to local youth sports, on the ice, the courts and the ball fields. We are involved in the Rotary Club and CREST, help at the Humane Society, teach Sunday School, support Heritage Acres, provide meals to the needy and lend a hand at Heaven’s Table. We are involved in too many activities to list here because we are just like all of you who volunteer your time out of love and care for the City of Fairmont.

We urge everyone who is reading this to go to the Fairmont City website to view the Aug. 14 City Council meeting and watch Councilor Kawecki’s questioning of Citizens 4 A Strong Fairmont over our proposal “What Would You Do Differently” starting at minute 6:58. It’s always better to see these things for yourself. Here’s the link: https://boxcast.tv/view/fairmont-city-council-meeting-08142023-fn4aaaeaf49refuesgsd

Thanks to all of the great citizens of this City who support a Strong Fairmont.

Wayne R. Herrman

Citizens 4 A Strong Fairmont


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