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Are you a thief?

To the Editor:

Are you aware we have a bunch of thieves roaming our great City? Recently, there has been a rash of stealing going on at the Fairmont Community Gardens. The thieves scout the site and when no people are there [or even if people are there] they are brazen enough to grab tomatoes, corn, melons, cukes and other priceless vegetables from gardens that are private. This is stealing.

The Fairmont Community Gardens are a community service provided by Rural Advantage and Heritage Acres. During the spring Fairmont residents can sign up for a free plot. Only the plot is free. After plot sign up, the gardens raised are private. None of the produce raised is available except to the caretakers of the garden plot. Those who toil over their garden plot should be the only ones removing any produce from the Community Gardens. The rest of you – Stay Out.

We are fortunate to have a location in our city for these gardens. This year we have about 80 garden plots. Opportunity for people who do not have their own garden space, or live in an apartment, to have a garden space is a magnificent chance to get outside and enjoy the garden experience.

So, those of you who are stealing produce from the gardens, STOP! Go grow your own garden or responsibly purchase produce from the Farmer’s Market or a local store.

Linda Meschke

President, Rural Advantage



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