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Minnesota goes too far with legislation

To the Editor:

Our Minnesota State legislative session has ended and Governor Walz has called it the most productive session since the Minnesota Miracle. My view. I respectfully disagree and I will address only three issues from the last session at this time. These are strictly my views and I will not apologize for them.

#1 Minnesota as a sanctuary state for abortion. I am staunchly pro-life. To keep abortion in place up to delivery time is horrendous. As has been suggested to have mobile abortion clinics near state boundaries are what I call butcher shops. There is only one thing they are there for is to destroy unborn children’s lives – there is no in between!

#2 Using Minnesota as a sanctuary state for transgender, giving the opportunity to be mutilated without consent or notification of their parents. These young people belong to their Mother and Father, not the State of Minnesota. How cruel are we becoming to butcher underage people, not giving Mom or Dad the opportunity to protect their children? This would damage their bodies for the rest of their life and if they later feel they were mistaken,how can you change that?

#3 Banning Conversion Therapy for youth that belong to their Mom and Dad. They should have every right help these children when confused about who they are, pushed by others who they are subject to in schools or other avenues to lead them down the wrong path in life. We read all of the time where some individuals mislead our youth. God does not make mistakes. People make mistakes and that is why we all need help from time to time. Our churches have counseling services to help all of our youth and I see nothing wrong with that. Churches help because they are there to take care of God’s children. Question, are you,the legislature, telling us churches are harmful? Are you taking freedoms away from Mothers and Fathers? Do you realize the broad spectrum of what you have done? We do not belong to the State of Minnesota. The government belongs to the citizens of this state.

If these views offend anyone, I don’t care. What has happened is morally affecting the direction of the Great State of Minnesota and I am deeply offended by such direction.

Sincerely and respectfully;

Fred Lenz

St. James


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