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Why aren’t teeth covered under health care insurance?

To the editor:

Why aren’t your teeth covered under your general health care insurance? Why is there a separate policy for teeth? Why a separate policy for eyes? Aren’t your eyes and your teeth part of your body?

So why do I pay three separate premiums for health care insurance?

Why are dental plans limited to a $2,000 cap? My regular health care does not have a cap. The answer? Profits. Health care is a for-profit industry. It is not out to care for the well-being of the individual. Its purpose is to make money for the insurance company. Did I say make money? I meant make tons of money for the insurance company, on the backs and out of the wallets of, the citizens.

The financial and emotional costs that the patient bears in this country for dental care is mean and hurtful. Without money, people walk around in pain because they have an infected tooth, the ER department will not treat them and dental clinics will not take them.

Why do people cross the border to Mexico to get their teeth fixed? Minnesota is not near the border. Difficult to drive to the border for a crown, don’t you think? How can this situation change? I do not know.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Peter Engstrom



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