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Unsolicited packages in the mail

To the Editor:

This letter is written in response to the “Letter to the Editor” published Dec 20, 2022, titled: “Mayo response to misinformation on Cologuard tests.”

With all due respect to the letter writer from the Mayo Clinic, my Dec. 13 statement was an accurate report of what I and others experienced. I felt these transactions had the characteristics of a being less than truthful, perhaps dishonest, perhaps, a “Scam.” I did not question the issue of the prevalence of colon cancer or the validity of testing for colon cancer. I did question why I received an unsolicited package in the mail. The package (for a Cologuard medical test) was not ordered by myself or my physician. Coincidentally, when I mentioned this issue to others, both a brother and a friend responded that they too, had received unsolicited UPS delivered Cologuard test kits. And, coincidentally, very similar complaints regarding unsolicited packages from Cologuard and Exact Sciences (manufacturer) are available for the public to see on the on the Better Business Bureau website. Some customers that received the package, followed through and returned the package for testing, found the $ 670 bill was not covered by insurance.

I am sure Cologuard is a legitimate option. Could it have sales in 2021 of over one billion dollars if it was not? But the fact remains that packages from Cologuard and Exact Sciences, out of Madison, Wis., have been sent to individuals that have not been ordered by either a physician or a patient.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Peter Engstrom



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