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Just follow the money

To the Editor:

People may wonder why President Biden is continuing to violate the Constitution, his oath of office, and numerous immigration laws. It may be a matter, as Hillary once said, of just following the money.

With approximately 250,000 illegal immigrants coming across the border each month at an average of $6,000 per person that the human traffickers charge, the total sum they collect each month is about 1.5 billion dollars. Cartels are quite used to paying at least 10 percent of their funds to government officials and others for protection against prosecution and more for any assistance they get in carrying out their activities. Such assistance as NOT building walls to impede the flow of illegals, and moving the illegals into the U.S. by by bus and air would be considered quite valuable assistance so they may pay perhaps as much as 20 percent, maybe more, for the assistance. At only 15 percent of the take, they could be paying $225 million dollars per month (2.7 billion dollars per year) to the Washington cabal which protects their activities. And, as to the “Big Guy’s share,” who knows. But certainly, he could be richly rewarded for his efforts.

Now, as to the drug runners, that would be another possible source of income which would, more than likely, far surpass the income the Bidens obtain from Hunter’s new found artistic capabilities.

The damage done to our economy, the persistent violation of laws and the Constitution, the imposition of unrealistic “green” goals, the war against our energy industries, the economic inflation caused by the Biden cabal and the resulting hardships on nearly everyone, and the tremendous erosion of the value of savings and retirement plans are all valid reasons for desiring change in Washington. The negative conditions brought about by the Biden cabal and their adherents support the conclusion that we should never vote for a Democrat, for anything.

Harold King



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