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Grateful for Kinship

To the editor:

I want to thank Kinship for their industrial auction they do each year. I have been making a point of going to it each year since I discovered this wonderful opportunity about 8 years ago. I want the donors to hear how they help other businesses in Fairmont.

The first time I “went shopping” I worked for Head Start. I bought a fabulous modular desk. It allowed me to have an efficient working space, that was like new. My supervisor was very willing to make the purchase given the reasonable cost. I continued to make the auction date a must do activity for work, especially when I moved to STEP, Inc. There the need seems to always be for good sturdy chairs with arms as well as desk chairs. I have been able to buy several chairs that cost a fraction of new. Every time I look at these items I am ever grateful to Kinship and the donors of these items. Donors, please know that your items are being used and appreciated every day! Char, see you next year!

Terry Riggs



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