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If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it

To the editor:

The city administrator has convinced the city council that we need a new ordinance for repealing and replacing, in its entirety, the Fairmont Rental Housing city code.

Hear are the facts from city hall that were not even presented to the city council before the meeting:

Number of registered rental units

2018 – 604

2019 – 46

2020 – 201

2021 – 356

Number of complaints filed and signed by tenants for those years

2018 – 0

2019 – 1

2020 – 0

2021 – 1

As a landlord for 47 years, I can say I am very proud of our industry. There are very few businesses that can post this good of numbers on their sales and service. But, the question remains, why are we trying to fix something that is not broken at the cost of the landlords and the citizens of Fairmont?

I’m sure you would agree that the city could be doing more productive things.

Douglas Willner



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